Nearly every business needs to copy a document at some point during the customer or client journey. Whether it’s a single duplicate invoice or multiple copies of marketing materials, the right business copiers can make a major difference to the quality of your printed output. However, not all business copiers and printers are created equal. Some makes and models have features that could make your daily tasks easier or even offer financial benefits. Here are seven popular features available on some of the best business copiers on the market right now.

1. Auto-Duplexing

The auto duplex feature is a game changer for any business that needs documents printed on both sides of a sheet of paper. With older printers and copiers, you would have to physically flip the page and feed it back into the printer manually to print on the other side. Auto duplexing makes that tedious task a thing of the past. Copiers with this feature print on one side, then automatically draw the paper back in and print on the other side.

This saves both time and money while drastically reducing your carbon footprint. Paper accounts for 50% of business waste, with offices in the United States using a combined 12.1 trillion sheets of paper each year. When you invest in business copiers with auto-duplexing features, you could cut your contribution to those figures in half.

2. Partial Copying

You won’t always want to copy every aspect of a document. If some parts contain sensitive data, you may end up spending additional time cutting those sections out and destroying them, increasing your paper waste further.

Some copiers offer partial copying features. You can use the software to select as much or as little of the document as you need. The copier will only copy those sections, increasing your data security and accuracy — and avoiding needless waste.

3. Network Capabilities

Most businesses will have more than one copier or printer in their office. Unless it’s paramount that each appliance only be connected to one computer, you’ll more than likely need copiers with networking capabilities. Networked copiers allow everyone with network access and the relevant software to use any active printer, sending their tasks to the relevant digital queue.

Ask your IT team or managed service provider about cybersecurity options for copiers and printers. At least 61% of organizations have been impacted by data loss associated with printing or copying jobs. Effective networking that considers vulnerabilities and applies appropriate security protocols can mitigate these risks.

4. Scanning Enhancements

If you source a multifunction copier or printer, sometimes simply called an MFP, you’ll probably have access to scanning capabilities. Some copiers provide more than just basic image scanning – the scanner can transform a document into a .jpg or .png file or similar. You may be able to source enhancements that recognize the text in documents and save it as a text file. Sometimes this is in addition to the image, and sometimes, the copier software may create a new file comprised of partial images and text. You can often set your preferences for this.

The advantage of this is that if you don’t know the name of a file, you can simply search for key phrases such as the client name or content type. These enhancements make document storage and retrieval simpler and could even increase productivity.

5. Automatic Page Additions

Sometimes, you can receive a document and realize it’s missing some critical information. A lengthy contract may not have page numbers, or an invoice might be missing a date. Problems occur when the original document is sent to you by a third party who hasn’t provided access to edit the content. Sending it back for minor revisions causes delays and potential customer dissatisfaction.

Some copiers provide the ability to make simple additions to documents without altering the bulk of the content. Additions may include dates, page numbers, a company header, client names, or document numbers for filing purposes.

6. Security Release Features

Data security and privacy are primary concerns for most businesses. Every company must adhere to both federal and state regulations governing the protection of customer and employee information. The loss of this data can lead to identity theft, unauthorized company network access, and severe financial losses.

If you’re using your multifunction business copiers as printers, there may be occasions when you have to print sensitive data. Unless your copier is on your desk, there’s always a small window of time where someone unauthorized could view that data. Similarly, if a fax arrives at an unattended machine, a non-authorized individual could potentially see client information that they shouldn’t have access to.

Security release features eliminate these risks. Users can set a unique security code for individual print jobs. Those jobs then stay in the queue, unprinted, until the code is physically entered into the copier or printer.

7. Environmental Factors

The best business copiers should help your firm reduce paper usage and waste from toner or ink, and minimize energy bills. As well as the obvious financial implications, investing in energy-efficient devices helps you lower your organization’s carbon footprint. Many consumers opt to buy from businesses whose values align with their own. Focusing on sustainability could be an excellent marketing decision — as well as the right thing to do for our planet.

If you utilize a local managed service provider to help source copiers, ask them about their own environmental impact and sustainability practices. Working with environmentally-conscious partners helps improve your brand reputation and lets you hit any corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets your organization may have.

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