Sometimes, you can’t keep up with all the technology in your office. If that sounds like a relatable issue, then you could use a little help. That help is called a managed service provider. It’s pretty much a viable replacement for an in-house IT team, but it might come at a fraction of the cost.

So, what is a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider, or MSP for short, takes care of the IT in your company, so you don’t have to do it alone. You effectively outsource the entire IT department. The MSP handles the details—everything from keeping the network up and running to keeping hackers at bay.

Surely, some of these points will make you consider hiring a managed service provider. Here’s what they can do for you.

Keeping Your Tech Safe

If you’re running a company, you are likely worried about cyber security. A managed service provider is a technological bodyguard against all threats. They’re on the lookout for new and old cyber threats and keep your systems under protection.

Fixing Things Fast

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to solve problems before they even pop up? An MSP does just that. The provider monitors your systems and fixes glitches before they turn into real headaches. They also stay ahead of emerging technology and keep you abreast of it, even before you even know what’s coming out.

Always Up-to-Date

On that note, no one likes outdated tech. With an MSP, you don’t have to worry about keeping IT systems updated. They handle it for you like an automatic upgrade that you always have access to.

Managing Your Data

Data management can be a huge time sink, but not with an MSP on your team. The team takes care of all the data work—storing, organizing, backing up—so you can focus on other tasks. Think of it as delegating the boring work so you can get back to the fun.

Neat Perks of Having an MSP

Now, let’s also take a look at all the neat benefits that come with hiring an MSP, specifically over an in-house IT team.

  • Instead of hiring a whole IT team, you pay one fee. It’s more predictable and usually cheaper.
  • With someone always watching over your IT, problems get solved before they mess up your day.
  • As your business changes (up or down in size), your MSP can adjust without fuss; an in-house team, not so much.
  • When you need tech smarts, you have experts for just about everything.

How MSPs Lock Down Your Tech

Let’s face it: online threats are real and scary. Here’s how MSPs help keep the digital monsters away:

On Guard 24/7

Your MSP is the night watchman for the digital domain. It’s constantly monitoring the network to keep everything running as it should. It’s reassuring, like knowing someone always has your back, especially for complex technology.

Risk Detectives

The managed service provider is always on the lookout for clues about where your IT might be a bit shaky. They identify the weak spots in your defenses and fix them before they become a problem. It’s all about staying safe rather than sorry.

Tech Teachers

A managed service provider also educates your team on how to use technology correctly and how to stay safe. They teach everyone how to recognize scams and avoid potential disasters. A team that knows what it’s doing and what threats are out there will stay one step ahead of common intruders and bad actors.

Picking the Right Managed Service Provider

Not all MSPs are the same. Some might be too small to handle major issues Others may be an overkill for your company. Here’s how to pick the right one.

Check Out Their Reputation

Before you jump on board with an MSP, take a look at their track record. What have they achieved for other businesses? Check reviews and testimonials because you want to know what to expect and that others have had good experiences.

Does It Fit Your Setup?

Make sure the MSP offers services that align with what your business operates on a daily basis. It’s like finding a tailor. You want one who can really make the suit fit, not just hand you any suit off the rack.

Get the Full Picture of Pricing

Knowing exactly what you’re paying for can save you many headaches later. Know beforehand what’s included in the price and what might cost extra. As always, whenever you’re about to sign something, you should read the fine print first.

Availability for Emergencies

How available is your managed service provider when the chips are down? In case of a tech emergency, you’ll want an MSP that responds quickly and effectively. Whenever something breaks, the one thing that makes it worse is downtime, which is an even more severe issue in business.

Technology Is Moving Fast. Can MSPs Keep Up?

Indeed, technology may be zooming ahead, but a well-managed service provider keeps up and helps you stay in the lead. They do more than patch up issues; they’re strategic partners. This team should always be on the lookout for new tools and technologies that could give your company an edge. For example, they could upgrade your systems to improve efficiency or introduce new software that can streamline operations. Either way, you need the best and brightest tech out there.

Plus, because they’re always dialed into technological advances, they help you overcome changes and decide what’s worth your investment and what’s just hype. It’s smart for budgeting and for being the most professional and equipped.

Is an MSP Right for Your Company?

Make more time to focus on what you’re really passionate about in your business and let someone take care of the tech side of things. If you’re around Green Bay, Menomonee Falls, or Fox Cities and think it’s time to get some IT backup, why not give Wisconsin Document Imaging a shout? You can learn more on our blog or just get in touch.

Hiring an MSP might just be the move that helps your business run smoother and grow faster. Why not see if it’s right for you?