The business copier is a wonderful combination of science and engineering that helps businesses effectively manage their correspondence and move away from centralized filing and recording structures.

What Is a Business Copier?

Business copiers came into being in the early 1960s when Xerography was developed. This is a process by which a light-sensitive photoreceptor uses electrostatic charges to draw toner particles and then transmit them onto paper, forming an image. Pressure, heat, or a combination of the two fuses the toner onto paper. Chester Carlson invented this process in 1938, and it’s since boomed into a widely used day-to-day necessity.

Over time, business copiers evolved into various components and devices used for multiple needs, and nowadays, it’s hard to decide which copier is the best for your business.

Copiers vs. Printers

To assist you in making the right choice, let’s look at some comparisons between copiers and printers. Most often, the two are linked together, but they have notable differences.

Copiers Printers
Faster than printers Are more flexible
Cost more than printers therefore good for leasing Cheaper but need additional extras
The tech advances slowly and they have a longer lifespan Print technology is speedily evolving with new features, toners and finishes
Made for mass production Made to produce high-quality imaging
Contains a hard drive that has to be secured if the data is confidential Also uses a hard drive and any data held on the drive can be automatically deleted or secured
Can be used standalone without needing network connection, but can be connected if need be Can be controlled and networked
Limited to the sizes, paper types and weights it can accept Can work with a variety of mediums, toners, substrates, in-line finishing, etc.
Use smaller CMYK or black cartridges that need to be changed often Use bigger long-lasting cartridges with choices for toners like high gloss or UV
Created for speed and pump out large volumes speedily Have many useful features like file management and numbering, imposition

Multifunction Business Copiers

These copiers are also known as small business copiers or all-in-one copiers. They combine the scanning abilities, speed, and fax of copiers with finishing options like multi-feeds, heavier paper, binding, hole punching, intelligence, and flexibility of a printer. Multifunction copiers can print from the internet, a network or a USB.

Multifunction copiers have become required in all businesses due to their utility, flexibility, and speed.

The Different Types of Business Copiers

Inkjet Printers for Home

Inkjet printers are all-in-one and combine the functionality of a multifeatured printer with the technology of normal inkjet printing. They can provide an office with a full service but also maintain inkjets renowned for high-quality printing.


  • Prints in high-quality
  • Is power efficient
  • It is a good option instead of buying several machines


  • Hard to connect to a network
  • Expensive to run
  • Produces wet prints

Laser Copiers

These copiers are commonly used in bigger offices due to being less financially demanding than inkjet printers. They were initially created in the 1960s by Xerox.


  • Have a high printing speed
  • Have a high paper capacity
  • It can be expandable with finishers and paper trays
  • Increases productivity
  • Cost-effective
  • Grows along with a business


  • Bigger carbon footprint
  • Needs time to warm up

3D Printers

3D printing has taken the world by storm with its impressive technology, and 3D printing is becoming affordable for domestic and professional users. These printers can recreate 3D objects with different forms of good-quality resin.


  • Printed products are 3D
  • Customization options


  • The initial setup is pricey
  • The technology is still developing
  • Resin is expensive

Wide Format Printers

Wide format printers are mainly used in architecture, education, and marketing industries. These printers print onto larger materials for signage, tradeshows, and presentations.


  • It can also be used for printing detailed, realistic prints
  • The costs are more comparable to digital print


  • The toner and inkjet differ in various ways
  • It has to be frequently run
  • Take up much space

Inkjet Printers and Copiers for Business

For busy offices that rely heavily on printed output, these printers and copiers are commonly used because they’re robust and reliable.


  • Doesn’t need too much warm-up time
  • Has a small footprint
  • Producers photo-realistic prints


  • Prints wet
  • Has a higher cost per page than other printers
  • Less reliable

How to Use and Apply Business Copiers

Black and White Multifunctional Business Copiers

These copiers function like faxes, scanners, copiers, and printers, with an output range from around 22 pages per minute to over 95. They can use over 6,000 paper sheets and insert, sort, collate, etc.

  • It can be used for external and internal correspondence
  • Scan to disk
  • Signage, business documents, flyers, and leaflets

Multifunctional Color Copiers

Multifunctional color business copiers have competitive speeds but still produce vibrant colors. Additional features such as color banding and auto-skew correction are built into some models.

  • Reports, presentations, posters, charts, sales materials, and graphics
  • Cards, photos, specialty stocks, letterheads
  • Automatic image correction or color correction for scans

3D Printers

Creating is limitless with 3D printers as they take the world by storm with their resin 3D creations.

  • Manufacturing at a low volume
  • Can create mechanical repair parts
  • Create samples, models, prototypes, design iterations
  • Giveaways and marketing elements

Wide Format Copiers

These copiers have similar features to ordinary printers/copiers and also come in black and white and color. They handle large, heavy stock; you can print on canvas, rolls, sheets, PVC, shrink wrap, and more.

  • To print larger banners, you can feed in rolls
  • Can print on foam, glass, window clings, and wood
  • Can produce defined detail

Which Is the Right Business Copier for You?

With so many options, deciding on a business copier to suit your organization’s needs can be challenging. Do you need a color or black and white machine? Which speed is better suited for your office output? What additional features should your copier possess?

The questions are endless, and that is where we at Wisconsin Document Imagining come in. We aim to make your organization more efficient, equipped, and productive by supplying you with the newest technology.

Contact us for assistance in choosing and purchasing your business copiers in Fox Cities, Green Bay, and Menomonee Falls.