The paperless office remains a distant dream in most business sectors. In the United States alone, offices use around 12.1 trillion sheets of paper every year. That figure should be an eye-opener for business owners who want to optimize their paper usage and improve their bottom line. Making sure that paper use is not a drain on company resources is extremely important, and an office copier can help.

However, an office copier is not only a wise investment for businesses that want to ensure optimum paper use. A quality copier improves productivity, increases levels of staff satisfaction, and provides the business with a competitive edge in many other ways.

Insourcing Copy Requirements

For many small and medium enterprises, the default approach to bulk and specialized printing needs is to outsource the task to a copy shop.

Outsourcing can offer time savings, but those savings must be carefully weighed against cost. Sending out bulk print jobs can be extremely expensive in the long run. On the other hand, investing in an office copier provides an exceptional return on investment. Jobs are completed quickly, efficiently, and at a lower cost – the trifecta of business success.

An Office Copier and Efficiency

A modern, high-quality office copier can reduce the amount of time that it takes to copy documents that are needed in bulk. This would mean using a desktop printer to get the job done in times gone by. Anyone who has dealt with a printer queue on their desktop will know that it almost always requires dedicated attention to get the job done right.

The result is lost employee hours. Employees cannot optimize their productivity or leverage their unique skills when dealing with a time-consuming print job.

In contrast, a modern office copier doesn’t require supervision, and it handles bulk jobs with ease. The employee requiring those prints is free to do what they’re paid to do (most often not printing bulk documents). Freeing up employees from the drudgery of copying tasks will lead to increased productivity and greater employee satisfaction.

Copy Versatility

Bulk printing can place a strain on office resources if there is not a reliable office copier available. The frustration and time wastage involved in preparing these documents for distribution can also play a part in reducing the efficiency of any office and increasing frustration among staff.

Documents with multiple pages, or those destined for filing, require holes punched or staples inserted. In many cases, they may require binding and even covers. A multifunctional office copier can automate these tasks. A quality office machine reduces the stress of collation and document preparation by automating many tasks required to produce an attractive, professional document.

Choosing Your Office Copier

Choosing the right office copier can be a challenging task. Modern copiers offer an enormous number of functions, and prioritizing essential functions for the business is important. Before investing in an office copier, take the following into account and evaluate the needs of the office very carefully.

  • Evaluate long-term costs. An office copier will consume large quantities of supplies (including ink) and will require regular maintenance. Ask the supplier how many copies the office can expect from each print cartridge and make a decision after evaluating several makes and models.
  • Future-proofing a copier. Businesses also need to make sure that the copier they purchase is future-proof. Many copiers can accept new software, and some can add functions as the company grows. Make sure that your investment in a quality office copier delivers value over the medium and long term by selecting a supplier that will provide ongoing solutions to new business challenges.
  • Pay attention to the warranty. Ensure your new office copier comes complete with a comprehensive warranty that includes a commitment to rectify any performance issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Assess compatibility. Ensure your office copier can interface seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure (including the office network and computers). This is especially important where networks and hardware are older. Some advanced functions might present challenges when using older technology. Your best source of advice is (as always) a knowledgeable copier expert.
  • Evaluate features carefully. If the office has to deal with various paper sizes, make sure that the copier can deliver. Ensure that the copier can handle bulk jobs and that it can complete jobs quickly and efficiently. A multifunctional office copier with a scan function is highly recommended. Saving on energy costs is also essential, so your new copier should be Energy Star certified. If you have any specific requirements, a retail office copier professional is your best source of advice.
  • Look for after-sales service. Even the most advanced office copiers may malfunction, and all makes and models require regular servicing and the replacement of consumables. If you are buying or renting an office copier, make sure that your supplier provides round-the-clock after-sales service. A non-functioning copier can have a severe impact on productivity, with even small delays in copying essential documents having long-term effects.

Office Copier Peace of Mind

The ever-increasing amount of copier paper sold in the U.S. is a strong indication that more and more businesses are investing in state-of-the-art copiers.

Businesses do not spend money on office equipment that does not provide a great return on investment. Investing in an office copier without some research, forethought, and the help of a copier professional can damage any business. A business that does not carefully consider its copier purchase will quickly find itself unable to compete with leaner and more efficient organizations.

A carefully considered investment in an office copier offers an exceptional return on investment. However selecting the right supplier is as important as the office equipment itself.

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