Even in an age when many businesses are pushing to go paperless, countless offices still go through reams and reams of paper on a daily basis. And, when you produce so many documents every day, you may need a printer that’s strong enough to keep up, like a production printer.

This guide will examine some of the key signs it might be time to upgrade to a production printer.

An Introduction to Production Printers

First, a definition. What exactly is a production printer? Well, it’s important to make the distinction between production models and standard printers. The biggest difference is that the average production printer is much faster and more powerful than a usual home or office printer.

Designed for high-speed, high-volume usage, production printers can handle heavy workloads without buckling or jamming under the pressure. They’re capable of delivering dozens of documents every minute, making them much more efficient for commercial use compared to simpler variants.

In short, if you’re looking for high-end performance and lightning-fast speeds, a production printer is what you need. They’re also versatile enough to print different sizes and on varying types of paper, while also supporting advanced features and settings to suit each business’s needs.

5 Signs You Need a Production Printer

In some cases, your business might get along just fine with a simple office printer or two. But, there may come a time when you need to make the upgrade to a production printer. How do you know when the time is right? Here are some key signs.

Your Business Is Growing Bigger

The vast majority of businesses start from humble beginnings, with perhaps only a few workers. And when your business is still beginning, you may not have very high printing demands. But, over time, if all goes well, your company can start to expand, requiring more staff, a larger office, and taking on more jobs and clients.

As your workload increases and your office fills with workers, you may find that your old equipment isn’t adequate for your needs. In order to continue to thrive as your company grows, it’s vital to scale up to the right kind of equipment. And if your older printers are struggling to keep up, it might be time to make the move to a production printer instead.

Long Waits at the Printer

A long line of frustrated, impatient people waiting to use the printer: is that a common sight in your office? If so, it’s just about the clearest sign you can get that the current printing equipment simply isn’t good enough. It shows that your existing printers aren’t capable of delivering documents at the required rates, and it can harm your productivity levels and profits in the long run.

If your team has to waste time just to get some sheets printed off, they’re not doing as much work as they could be. Plus, it can be annoying for the average employee to constantly feel like they’re in a competition to get to the printer first. Make the upgrade to a production printer and watch those long lines disappear.

Struggling to Hit Your Productivity Targets

A well-run business should have clear targets to aim for each week, month, and year. You need to know how much work needs to be done to achieve your objectives and see the profits your business needs. If you’re not hitting those targets, there are several potential explanations, and a poor-quality printing set-up is one of them.

As explained in the previous point, when workers have to deal with long lines at the printer, they tend to be less productive. Slow printing, random jams, and other print-related issues can all impact the productivity levels for the average day. And those impacts add up, which can lead to major profit losses at the end of each fiscal year. Giving your staff the equipment they need can provide a massive productivity boost.

Low Workplace Morale and Unhappy Employees

Workplace morale is a serious topic for business owners these days. The cost of low morale can be astonishing, with unhappy workers being less productive and cost businesses tens or even hundreds of thousands in revenue each year. And there are lots of different ways in which morale can take a hit – poor office equipment is an often-overlooked example.

Workers who feel that their offices are ill-equipped will naturally feel less engaged and motivated to work hard. Similarly, those who have to wait hours to use the printer or need to fix jams over and over again will also get annoyed. But by providing your workforce with quality products, like a production printer, morale levels can see a notable surge in the right direction.

Recurring Printer Jams and Technical Issues

Ever had to fix a printer jam? It seems like a simple task, but can often turn out to be much more complicated than expected. And jams are just one of many possible issues that can affect the average printer. They can also experience random freezes, ink issues, wireless connection difficulties, and other problems that are often tricky and time-consuming to remedy, even for IT specialists.

If you continue to use old and low-quality printers, you’ll have a much higher chance of facing these kinds of issues on a regular basis. This can delay your day-to-day operations and frustrate your workforce. However, if you decide to make the switch to a production printer, you should have far fewer technical hiccups to worry about, and a much smoother printing process overall.

Invest in a Quality Production Printer From a Trusted Provider

All in all, the benefits of production printing are clear. A production printer is faster, durable, more reliable, and more stable than other print set-ups. If you feel like your office’s printing situation isn’t quite right, it might be time to make the change.

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