Business is all about sharing information to keep everyone “on the same page.” Sometimes that is possible by sharing words and images on a flat screen. Paper documents can be posted, passed around, and even admired as works of art, especially when printed on color multifunction printers. Often, however, a hard copy is more satisfying than paperless communication. You can’t easily jot down notes in the margins of a Word document on your computer. No one can hack a hard copy.

How Color Multifunction Printers Benefit Businesses

Does your business really need to use color multifunction printers? Most companies benefit from color multifunction printers, which is why…

Color Multifunction Printers Make Document Management Easier

Color multifunction printers empower enterprises to put all their printing infrastructures in one place, physically and digitally. Color multifunction printers allow printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and internet transmission of documents from the same device. Most color multifunction printers can be accessed from many different devices, including smartphones and employee home computers.

Centralizing the printing function to a single node on the Internet of Things enhances cybersecurity. At the same time, having all printing functions go through a single printer increases the visibility of the process. Managers can more easily monitor the use of the printer, and employees will be more inclined to comply with printer use rules. Having a single hub for document production increases efficiencies and encourages suggestions for improvement from across your company.

Color Multifunction Printers Reduce Costs

The first thing facilities managers notice about color multifunction printers is their small footprint. A single device takes up much less space than a series of printers for different printing needs. It can be centrally placed so employees don’t have to spend as much time away from their desks when they pick up copies. Having a centralized printing function reduces maintenance costs and can minimize downtime.

The reductions in overhead costs don’t stop there.

Organizations of all kinds spend less on consumables when they use color multifunction printers. They make it easier to digitize documents, so the company pays out less on paper, toner, and inks. Accounting for printing costs is easier when there is a single printer hub, so budgeting and budget control are easier.

Color multifunction printers are also more energy-efficient than their single-function alternatives. Many color multifunction printers have Energy Star ratings and use as little as 50 percent of the energy required for conventional printers.

Color Multifunction Printers Increase Security of Sensitive Information

Multiple printers connected to numerous devices create opportunities for data breaches. A single multifunction color printer in a secure location reduces the risk of theft or corruption of sensitive company, vendor, employee, or patient data.

Companies governed by privacy laws like HIPAA can incur huge fines, sometimes in the millions of dollars, when they inadvertently or intentionally disclose confidential information. The benefits of cybersecurity may not be obvious until a breach shuts down operations or gets intense attention from state or federal regulators.

Everyone Uses the Same System for Inputs and Outputs with a Color Multifunction Printer

When your company has a multifunction printer, everyone can use the same system for all their printing needs. Users only have to learn one interface. A single, intuitive system allows users to unlock all their printing, copying, scanning, and faxing needs. There is no need to learn different commands for specialized printers.

Color multifunction printers are best for offices that have generalized, complex printing needs. They are ideal for firms that already rely on LAN connectivity to get work done. They are perfect for offices where everyone has something better to do than stand at the copier machine.

Why Color Printing Should Be on Your Radar

You may ask, “But does my company need a color multifunction printer now? And couldn’t we get by with just black and white?”

Chances are that the answer to both of these questions is yes. Here are the reasons why. We’ll start with the question of color.

Monochromatic printers do a decent job of producing text-only documents. If that is the only kind of document you ever need, they aren’t a bad choice, assuming they have the connectivity and internet security you need.

But if you are producing materials a customer will see, or if you are using your printer to produce documents for sales, the capacity to print in color is an absolute must.

People have better recall of what they read when it is printed in color with illustrations. Color printing lets your printed sales material make an impact. This is especially true when you are selling a new product or presenting a new project to senior management.

Next, you are probably wondering, should we buy or lease?

Why Leasing Your Next Color Multifunction Printer Is A Smart Business Decision

For most small and midsize businesses, it is better to lease than to buy. Leasing reduces your company’s cash outlay upfront. It frees up capital for other needs. It gives you time to accurately assess your company’s printer needs when you are going through a period of rapid growth.

Leasing helps you stay current with the latest technology, which is continuously evolving. Every printer’s operating system needs periodic patches for new security threats. Your leasing company will be sure to keep up with them.

Buying a printer is committing to keeping it even as it gets older and less reliable. When you lease, you can opt for the latest model every time your lease comes up for renewal.

And don’t overlook cost control. When you buy a printer, you never know how much it will cost to repair. But when you lease your color multifunction printer, you always know how much you need to allocate to your printer budget.

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