Even in today’s digital world, with so many businesses pushing towards a “paperless” state, office copiers and printers remain in high demand. These essential office devices are used daily by workers around the world, but they can’t always keep up with your business needs. And when your office copiers start to struggle, it might be time for an upgrade. This guide will look at some key warning signs when copiers aren’t quite the right fit.

What Makes the Best Office Copiers?

Before we look into the big red flags to watch out for with office copiers, it’s important to know what separates the truly top-level, elite devices from the rest.

  • Super-fast copying: The best office copiers are fast. Lightning fast. They can copy and print dozens of pages per minute (PPM). Some even go above the 100 PPM barrier, perfect for businesses that do lots of copying and can’t afford to deal with delays.
  • Multifunctional modes: The ability to copy is a given with any office copier. But the best models can do a whole lot more than that. Printing. Scanning. Even faxing is possible with the leading copier models on the market, which can save companies money and space in their offices.
  • Automatic functions: A problem with old and outdated copiers is that you have to do so much of the work yourself. You have to feed the paper in, sort documents yourself, and so on. Modern office copiers can handle those kinds of tasks on their own, automatically.
  • Nonstandard sizes: Most of the time, you’ll be copying A4 (approximately 8.5×11). It’s the most commonly used document size out there. But you might also need to copy smaller or larger documents. The best copiers will have no problem with A2, A3, A5, and so on.
  • Advanced features: Many leading office copiers also come with an array of advanced features, making them feel more aligned with the needs of the modern office. Double-sided copying, touchscreen displays, and Bluetooth connectivity are just a few examples.

Signs Your Office’s Copiers Are Ready to Be Replaced

As you can see, the office copiers are capable of quite a lot. Maybe quite a lot more than the copiers you’re currently working with. Here are a few signs your office could use an upgrade.

Recurring Jams and Failures

Do you find that you’re constantly having to call copy repair technicians for an in-office repair? Does it feel like your office copiers are eternally jammed, broken down, or suffering some kind of fault or failure? If so, it could be high time to seek out some better models. All those technical faults and periods of downtime add up, costing money to fix and damaging your workforce’s productivity.

It’s perfectly normal for older copiers to break now and then. Even the latest and greatest machines aren’t perfect and can have the odd paper jam. But the best office copiers are far less likely to keep on failing. Instead, they can offer the highest levels of uptime, ensuring that your workers can print, scan, and copy whenever they need to.

Long Queues at the Copier

It’s a common sight in so many offices – a line of workers, all standing in line at the copier, documents in hand. They all have to wait their turn and can sometimes be away from their desks for several minutes, wasting precious time. This is all because of slow copiers that simply aren’t fit for purpose. And, if it’s a recurring problem in your office, it’s a sign that you need a faster copier.

Old models often have quite slow PPM speeds. They can’t handle too many pages per minute, taking a long time to process even a small batch of documents. Those slow speeds can set your entire working day back. But newer, faster models can help any office get back on track, with much higher PPM rates and no more waiting around.

Frustrated Workers

Workplace morale is something that a lot of business owners are starting to take more seriously. And there are plenty of things that can frustrate workers and lower the mood in an office. Unreliable, outdated equipment is one of them – many workers get annoyed or worn out when having to cope with devices, like copiers, that break down frequently.

Waiting around for pages to be copied, dealing with random paper jams, and having to put in lots of unnecessary manual effort – these are all factors that can aggravate the average team member. Fortunately, modern devices are much easier and more pleasant to use. And workplace morale can have a noticeable boost in the right direction when bosses provide better equipment.

A Cramped Office

In offices, every square foot counts. It’s important to use the space you have in an efficient way. But, if you’re using old equipment, you could be losing lots of valuable floor space. You might have big, clunky copiers taking up lots of room. And, if your copiers aren’t capable of printing or other key functions, you most likely have multiple other devices dotted around the workspace.

All of that can make an office feel cramped and uncomfortable, with less space for workers to move around and feel at ease. Modern, high-end office copiers often have sleek, compact designs. Plus, since they’re often multifunctional devices, they can do the work of three or four machines. That means, if you decide to upgrade, you may be able to get rid of not just your old copiers but also your old printers, scanners, and fax machines, too.

Give Your Office an Upgrade With New Office Copiers

If any of the signs above sound familiar to you, it might be time to make a change. Your old and outdated office copiers may have done the job a few years ago, but times change, and newer devices may be just what you need to refresh your working space.

That’s where Wisconsin Document Imaging comes in. Since 2010, we’ve provided businesses across Green Bay, Milwaukee, and the Fox Cities with industry-leading office equipment and services. We can help you find the perfect copiers to elevate your office – contact us today to get started.