Your office likely has at least one copier. That machine allows your people to make copies of vital documents, which they may need for presentations or when providing paperwork to their clients.

Copiers are machines.

And like all machines, copiers can break down, malfunction, or run into maintenance issues that prevent you from using them. According to the cost estimation site Thumbtack, each maintenance call you make to a copier technician costs an average of $60 to $80. Plus, you must account for productivity losses for as long as your copier is inactive.

Wouldn’t it be better to take a proactive approach that keeps your copier running and costs your business less money?

copier service maintenance agreement provides a different approach to the traditional calling out when something goes wrong. Here we explore what a copier service agreement is, the types of agreements you can use, and the benefits of these agreements.

What Is a Copier Service Maintenance Agreement?

Think of a copier service maintenance agreement as a health insurance policy for your office copier.

You pay a monthly premium to a maintenance company so that it oversees all maintenance issues related to your copier. That company schedules regular services and makes itself available for repairs whenever your copier experiences issues. Depending on your copier service agreement, the “policy” can cover new machine parts, ongoing maintenance, toner, ink, and even emergency repairs.

Your role in the agreement is simple.

You make a call whenever something goes wrong. A technician visits you to fix the issue.

The Three Main Types of Copier Service Agreements

All copier service maintenance agreements require you to enter into a contract with the service provider. However, the nature of that contract varies. The following are the three most common types of copier service agreements.


Under this agreement, you agree to a fixed monthly lease payment. As such, you lease your copier from the service provider, with the contract stating how many copies you can make per month without charge. If you go beyond this limit, you pay extra for the additional copies you make.

While paying a monthly fee to make copies may seem like a bad choice, there are benefits to this type of agreement. Because you don’t own the copier, the service provider is responsible for all maintenance and repairs. If an issue occurs, the provider must fix it to ensure you still have access to the copying facilities for which you’re paying.


Pay-as-you-go is the simplest copier service agreement.

You purchase a copier. Then, you pay a service technician for every callout.

While no monthly fees are involved, a pay-as-you-go contract can become costly. As your copier ages, it requires more repairs and maintenance work. Pay-as-you-go may be a good choice for a brand-new copier. But suppose you’re trying to extend the lifespan of an aging copier. In that case, the callout fees under this agreement may total more than the monthly fees of an ongoing maintenance contract.

Separate Maintenance

If you don’t want to tie your maintenance contract into a leased copier or have a copier you own that you wish to maintain, a separate maintenance agreement is the way to go.

This copier service agreement keeps your lease, ownership, and maintenance separate. Your monthly fees vary depending on the volume of copying your company engages in and the number of copiers that require servicing. Many service providers offer this option as a customized contract.

The Benefits of a Copier Service Maintenance Agreement

There are several reasons to consider a copier service maintenance agreement, especially if your business makes heavy use of copiers.

Benefit No. 1 – Fewer One-Off Repair Costs

Copiers have a finite lifespan. As they age, the working parts inside the machines break down, which means you have to pay for parts and repairs. As mentioned earlier, each maintenance call may cost an average of $60 to $80, plus the cost of any parts you need to purchase.

copier service agreement provides constant oversight of your device. Service technicians are always on hand to repair the copier, with your business paying no fees beyond the monthly cost of maintaining the contract. Furthermore, many agreements allow you to schedule regular servicing. This servicing allows you to take a proactive approach to copier maintenance that extends your device’s lifespan.

Benefit No. 2 – Fewer Delays

Imagine that your office has one copier that breaks down unexpectedly. You’re in an emergency situation because that broken copier reduces productivity. Unfortunately, the local copier repair company can’t fit you into its schedule for a few days, so you have to spend hours without your device.

This situation won’t occur if you have a copier service maintenance agreement.

Your service team will send somebody to fix your machine immediately if it suddenly stops working. If you have an all-in-one lease agreement, the service provider may even replace your broken copier, especially if it requires extensive repairs.

Benefit No. 3 – Included Consumables

Sometimes, it’s not a device-based issue that causes a delay.

It’s running out of toner or ink.

A busy office can easily lose track of the amount of toner or ink left in the copier. Thisoften results in the copier running out in the middle of an important job. Thus, you have to waste time traveling to a copier supply store to buy more consumables.

Many copier service agreements include regular shipping of toner and ink. Some service providers can even monitor your copier remotely, allowing them to automatically send toner or ink if they see your machine running low.

Consider a Copier Service Agreement

copier service maintenance agreement offers you peace of mind. You have a service provider on hand to fix any issues that occur with your copier. That means your business can stay operational with minimal downtime if something goes wrong.

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