Managed IT services can offer a wealth of benefits for any business. However, new or inexperienced business owners may not know when the time is right to invest in managed cybersecurity, network management or other services. This guide will help highlight several key signs that a business is ready for managed IT services.

The Basics and Benefits of Managed IT Services

Before looking at some signs and situations where managed IT services can be useful, it’s important to understand the basics. So, let’s kick off with a simple definition.

Managed IT services are IT-related tasks and processes that you essentially outsource to a specialist firm or managed service provider (MSP). MSPs can handle a wide range of tech tasks, from taking care of your firm’s cybersecurity to helping with cloud services, data back-ups, and more.

The managed services market has grown enormously in recent years and is set to exceed $300 billion in value by 2027. A lot of companies are investing in these services thanks to their multitude of benefits, including:

  • Reasonable and predictable costs: One of the best benefits of managed IT services is that their costs are clear, predictable, and easy to factor into your budget. Most MSPs will have monthly or annual subscription or contract fees to pay. This often works out much cheaper than hiring your own IT specialists.
  • Easing the burden on staff: MSPs can tackle a range of everyday tech tasks for your firm so your staff members can focus on other issues. For example, let’s say that you outsource your network administration to an MSP. Then, you won’t have to worry about your staff using their time and resources to handle admin duties themselves. They’ll be free to focus on other matters.
  • Expertise and experience: MSPs are specialists in what they do. They typically have experienced, expert teams who know all the ins and outs of business IT services. In short, you can trust them to take care of your company’s IT needs without making costly mistakes or causing chaos.

Signs to Invest in Managed IT Services

As you can see, managed services can offer an array of advantages for the average business. Such services can free up your staff, save money, and more. Now, let’s take a look at some clear signs and situations where these services are necessary.

Your Existing IT Team Is Overwhelmed (Or You Don’t Have One)

Many businesses have their own IT teams to take care of network administration, back-ups, cybersecurity, and so on. Small companies may just have a single IT expert or even none at all.

If your existing IT team is feeling the pressure of having to cope with too many tasks, outsourcing could be the answer. An MSP can ease the load on your team’s shoulders.

You Repeatedly Encounter Tech Issues

If your business regularly finds itself facing tech problems, it’s clear that you need some IT assistance. For example, maybe you’ve had virus infections on your devices or encountered network admin issues. Or maybe you have a hard time when adding new devices or setting up static IP addresses on your office network. In either case, managed IT services can make a big difference.

Your Budget Is Tight

The company’s budget is always at the forefront of business owners’ minds. This is especially true for small business owners who have to count and consider every penny.

If you’ve got a tight budget, you may not be able to afford to bring in a new full-time IT specialist. However, you still need IT services to keep your business up and running. MSPs are less pricey than full-time hires.

Your Business Could Seriously Suffer if Downtime Occurs

Downtime can be costly. For every hour that a company’s IT systems are inactive, it can lose huge amounts of cash. In some cases, those losses can even prove fatal to the business.

If you’re worried about the prospect of downtime, don’t take the risk. Investing in an MSP could be the difference, keeping your servers and systems online at all times.

You’re Planning an Expansion

Perhaps you’re gearing up for a big expansion, hiring new people, or even opening a new office. That kind of change can easily lead to tech issues as new devices and users must be set up, and more data must be backed up and kept safe.

Once again, MSPs are the answer. Many MSPs offer fully scalable services and can easily adjust to suit the needs of growing businesses, facilitating a smooth and seamless expansion.

You Handle Lots of Sensitive Data

With so much of modern business occurring digitally, companies often end up with vast amounts of data. That data can include sensitive customer information, like names, addresses, bank information, etc. And it could be a huge problem if that data falls into the wrong hands.

With hundreds of millions of ransomware attacks every year, along with hacks and viruses, the risk is too great to ignore. A managed security provider can help you keep data safe.

You Regularly Stress About Tech Issues

Business owners have a lot on their minds. It’s normal to stress, fret, and imagine every possible “worst-case scenario” as you attempt to build up your business. And many owners worry about tech issues, like cybersecurity, downtime, or data breaches.

All that stress can take its toll, not only on your mental health but also on your productivity and capability to run the business. Investing in an MSP can provide some much-needed peace of mind.

Make the Right Call for Your Business

Managed IT services can make a major difference to small and big businesses alike. And owners need to recognize when to invest in these services rather than leaving it too late and missing out on some big benefits.

If any of the signs or situations listed above feel familiar to you, maybe the time is right to contact an MSP. For managed IT services in Green Bay, Menomonee Falls, and Fox Cities, Document Imaging is here to help. Contact us today to learn all about our managed IT services and how we can help your business.