Managed print services are an efficient way to handle all the printing requirements of a business. They can be extremely practical and cost-effective, especially for companies with daily printing needs.

If your business needs regular printing, this service is the right solution. If you’re not convinced, this article will explain what managed print services are and how they can benefit your business.

What Are Managed Print Services

In essence, a managed print service (MPS) is an external provider that does all of the printing your business needs.

When a business hires a managed print service for its daily printing, the service will take care of all related needs of that company. This includes installing, configuring, and maintaining the printing devices as well as the necessary supplies.

Additionally, the service will install the proper printing device systems. These will be tailored and optimized for the exact printing environment. Finally, the service will monitor, manage, and, if needed, take control of the company’s printing.

When you find a reliable managed print service, they should first assess the existing printing setup, analyze your needs, and suggest any potential changes.

How MPS Benefits Your Business

The main advantage of using a managed print service is that the printing costs get cut by a significant amount.

Since the service optimizes the complete printing environment, the printer setup will become more efficient. This aspect alone already makes the printing expenses lower. Printing management and monitoring work to the same effect.

With a managed print service, you won’t have to keep a steady supply of paper and ink in stock. Instead, the service provider will take care of the material according to your needs. They’ll provide only the supplies that are actually required. This, too, will lower the total costs.

Plus, regular maintenance and monitoring of printing devices and additional machinery will mean fewer replacements and repairs. While this aspect will become more apparent in the long run, the difference in annual print spending will be noticeable.

The managed print service will perform regular checkups of your setup. These checkups will only be as frequent as necessary – every one, three, six, or twelve months. The frequency will depend on the condition of the existing equipment and your daily needs.

Through all this, a managed print service will bring another benefit for your organization: it will make your business greener. Less waste and better resource use mean an eco-friendlier service, especially compared to traditional in-house printing.

On top of the mentioned benefits, MPS can provide a significant productivity boost. Everything print-related that usually represents a time waste will be removed.

For instance, your printing setup will become easier to use because it will be adjusted to your exact requirements. Daily operations won’t suffer due to equipment malfunction since the service will maintain everything regularly.

Finally, your work will never come to a grinding halt simply because your printing supplies ran out. Rather, you’ll always have precisely what you need when you need it.

The financial savings linked to hiring a managed print service are quite considerable. Using this service, your business could save up to 30% of the annual printing expenses. For organizations that do a lot of printing, that percentage can amount to staggering amounts of money.

Managed Print Services: Important Information

You don’t need to do much work to find a good managed print services partner. It will be enough to look up this type of service online, pick several candidates, and look at their customer reviews, if available. Once you get in contact with a service provider, though, you should ask them some crucial questions.

First, you’ll need to know whether they can use your existing equipment. If the equipment is unfit for use, ask if the service can provide replacement printing devices and how much that might cost.

Next, you should get informed about the cost per page. This is a standard model that managed print services use to charge for their work. In fact, it’s very similar to how you pay at a printing shop. The cost per page will usually include most things related to your printing setup, including maintenance, supplies, etc.

Finally, you should get a clear explanation of what happens if one of your printing devices malfunctions. Printers and similar devices can stay in optimal condition for about six years. But this is just an average estimate.

If your organization does a lot of printing, the equipment may wear out sooner. In that case, you’ll need to know what your managed print service provider will do with the device. They should have the resources necessary to repair the equipment if possible. And if the device is beyond repair, the MPS should be able to replace it quickly and efficiently.

Manage Your Printing Easily

Managed print services are an excellent solution for any organization that requires plenty of printing, as well as for those that occasionally print in large volumes. This service can be vital if you’re trying to make your organization as cost-effective as possible.

Printing isn’t something that gets too much attention from business owners or company management. However, once you start cutting down the related expenses, the actual financial benefits will become apparent.

If you need managed print services for your business based in Green Bay, Menomonee Falls, or Fox Cities, feel free to contact Wisconsin Document Imaging and get all your printing in one place.