True to the name, the color copier can produce color copies. The machine also functions as a color printer and can produce black-and-white photocopies as well. This machine represents an essential office tool and may be used for various purposes, including printing documents and marketing materials. Of course, getting an instant copy of any document is a huge benefit as well.

If you’re considering getting a color copier for your business, you should learn certain key details about the device. This article will provide ample information, helping you choose the right machine for your purposes.

The Two Types of Color Copiers

A color copier can be digital or analog. The former creates copies by using a digital document image, while the latter employs an electrostatic process.

Digital color copiers boast greater print quality due to the level of detail they can produce. This type of the machine can create an accurate replica of any original document and is also extremely useful for copying in high volumes. However, the increased quality and productivity makes digital color copiers more expensive.

On the other hand, analog machines come at a lower price, but there’s a certain trade-off. An analog color copier can handle a moderate scope of copying jobs but would be unfit for higher volumes. Plus, the resulting copies are subpar compared to those produced by digital machines.

If fidelity and output volume are your primary concerns, the higher price of a digital color copier could be well worth it. But if your business only does occasional, low-volume prints and copies, the analog variant could suffice.

How a Color Copier Works

A color copier produces color prints by combining only three colors: yellow, magenta, and cyan. The printer reproduces original colors by analyzing an image and determining the quantity of the three main colors needed to achieve specific shades.

The machine layers the three colors and uses lasers to reproduce the original. Although the printer has only three colors available, it can recreate any other color with meticulous layering.

Regardless of whether the copier is analog or digital, the machine will require a specific paper type for color copies. Depending on the model, black-and-white copies may be possible on ordinary printer paper.

Besides producing quality copies, color copiers can also print in color. The digital variants most often feature a scanner, which is ideal when you need to digitize your documentation. Your printer may feature a document feeder that allows for copying multiple pages without manually feeding individual papers.

Finally, certain models may be able to produce double-side printouts. Combined with their capability of creating seamless copies, the double-sided printing feature can recreate complete copies practically identical to the original.

It’s worth noting that only the digital devices have the advanced features. This is another reason for their higher price compared with the analog type.

The Benefits of Boosting Your Printing Capabilities

Being able to copy and print in color can provide a significant boost to a company. The advantages are available thanks to the modern machinery which makes many office processes easier.

First, directly printing documents in color can make projects move along faster. For instance, you don’t need to wait for a marketing agency to produce your materials. Instead, you can print out your marketing materials in-house, saving valuable time. And considering the potentially high expenses of marketing companies, in-house color printing may also have a positive impact on your budget.

Next, high-fidelity copies and printouts will contribute to the presentation of your business. First impressions are always important, and poorly printed material won’t leave the best impression on potential customers, clients, or partners. With a quality color copier, anything you send out will be a worthwhile representation of your company.

Reading a color printout is easier compared to a document in black and white. Colors make every element of the printed page pop. In addition, greater contrast makes text more readable and easier to distinguish from the background. Better readability is beneficial for documents shared within your organization as well as for presentations.

Finally, printing and copying in color might help your business save money in the long run. While getting a digital printer will present a significant financial investment initially, you could end up saving money if your printing volume is exceptionally high. However, if your printing or copying needs are low to moderate, it might take quite a while before the machine pays off.

Get Your Documents Precisely How You Want Them

Color copying and printing might seem like a minor aspect of your business at first. Yet, producing physical copies of various documents is a regular part of every organization’s daily operations. Chances are that you need something copied or printed every day and, paper by paper, the process becomes more significant.

If you have the ability of in-house copying and printing in color, you can save precious time for other crucial tasks. Plus, your business can become more efficient, both in the sense of finances and productivity.

With all the benefits taken into account, getting a color copier for your business could be a good idea. However, a high-quality digital device might present a hefty investment while an analog copier could fall short of your requirements. In that case, you might want to consider a different solution – a managed printing service.

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